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The mid-range Tesla Model S with SuperCharger is Tesla’s sweet spot

The 60 kWh Tesla Model S now comes standard with support for the high power SuperCharger, and with it’s lower cost it’s a better value proposition than the 85 kWh Model S.

The Tesla Model S electric car has an EPA certified driving range of 265 miles, when outfitted with an 85 kiloWatt-hour battery pack. To match the supersized battery pack, the Model S includes a fast charging system capable of a complete recharge in an hour when charged with the Tesla-proprietary SuperCharger. Until now the SuperCharger was standard equipment only for the 85 kiloWatt-hour Model S, and was listed as an option for the 60 kiloWatt-hour Model S, and completely unavailable for the 45 kiloWatt-hour model. It’s recently been noticed that the Tesla Model S options page now lists the Supercharger as standard for the 60 kWh model.

It is the 60 kiloWatt-hour Model S with SuperCharger that should be the sweet spot in the Model S lineup. To see why, consider these factoids:


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