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The Magnetic Battery

Using multi-discipline innovative concepts, this device will re-invent battery storage – vehicles & transportation are potentially the most urgent applications.

What the Magnetic Battery is:

By using concepts from circuitry, electromagnetism and physics, I have designed a device that accepts either heat (modified thermocouple) or AC electricity, converts it into magnetic energy and stores the energy in a high density magnetic field (B flux).

How it will be made

The exoskeleton (chassis) will be made of a soft iron alloy to prevent EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from being emitted under unwanted circumstances and nullifying any energy that is stored.

By using rectifier circuits, inverters, transformers & one-way gates (not a comprehensive list) will provide means to harness, transport and release megawatts of electrical energy; however, the innovation is what’s inside the chassis (patent pending).

Modern batteries function on closed-circuits, which nullifies the current when not attached to a load. In order to maintain the magnetic field though, the current is required to be constantly moving. The technology which I invented is a trans-connection circuit; allowing current to flow, while insulating the device from energy dissipation in a practically closed-circuit environment.


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