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Tesla’s CTO Talks Technology, Lithium Batteries And Upcoming $30,000 EV

JB Straubel, Chief Technology Officer At Tesla, Talks Model S And The Future
JB Straubel, who is chief technology officer for Tesla, recently gave his perspective on the Model S, the technology inside it, as well as the outlook for lithium batteries and the direction his company is heading for an interview with IDG News.

Mr. Straubel starts out with the basics on the Model S, and on the lithium batteries inside; focusing on the fact they are made in Japan, and that Tesla “buys the cells and integrate (those) into a battery pack with cooling and electronics” in the United States.

As for the lithium battery technology itself, the Tesla CTO sees it constantly improving.

“It’s a pretty exciting thing from a car point of view. Today, we’re just at a tipping point where it’s possible for the first time ever to build an electric vehicle that has a range similar to a gasoline vehicle. This car has 300 miles of range, and the Lithium Ion batteries are getting better [by] maybe 7 or 8 percent every year. A little bit more energy and range, and also the cost is improving. So, it’s a very exciting time, and vehicles we’ll build 10 years from now could have almost potentially twice the range of today, or a battery pack that weighed half as much as the battery packs we have today.”

IDGNS also asks the most common of questions: What about range anxiety? Is it a worry among customers and potential customers?

“Certainly, our customers are a little more technically savvy. They are early adopters at some level. Still, 300 miles gives you more freedom and utility than any other EV today, and particularly with this car, we are rolling out a network of what we call superchargers that can refuel the car in about 30 to 45 minutes. That’s something we are pioneering here in California so customers can drive 500, 600, even 1,000 miles a day if they want, stopping only for 20 to 30 minutes in the middle for a quick recharge.”


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