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Tesla Motors Nails 0 To 60 In Under 4 Seconds

Much rides on the shoulders of the Tesla Motors Model S, the follow up to the incredible Roadster I drove a few years ago. The numbers so far look promising.

Needless to say, the Model S is the real test for Tesla Motors to see if it will make it the distance. If the Roadster used a Lotus redesigned chassis, according to some to accommodate Elon Musk’s wife, Justine who complained getting out of the sporster was difficult for a woman, the Model S is a full size sedan. Tweaking and re-engineering a chassis is one thing, building one from scratch is another. The Model S is Tesla Motors’ first go at fully designing, building and implementing an electric car.

The Range Problem. Up until a few years ago, the mass majority of car drivers were blissfully unaware of the tricky calculations determining miles per gallon, MPG. The real range you could expect from a full gasoline tank was not necessarily what was advertized. After all, we all drive differently. Some gun it at green lights, others don’t. Add to this atmospheric and weather climate conditions and you have the perfect recipe for a nightmare. Nonetheless, the Government EPA’s rating worked somewhat and appeased drivers.


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