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Southeast Asia: Jakarta Goes Green with Charging Stations, Electric Cars

We love green technologies, we love cleaner air, and we love cheaper solutions. Thankfully, Jakarta might be on the right track to all those three wonderful things in the near future – for personal cars at least. The Indonesian state electricity utility (PLN) has just finished installing 10 electric car charging stations in Jakarta a couple of days ago as part of a bid to promote the use of electric cars in the near future. How near? In the next year or two.

At the moment, the Indonesia-made electric cars are still at the prototype stage. The government plans to create electric vehicles in four classes of cars that are similar in size to the Suzuki Carry, Toyota Avanza, Honda Jazz, and then a larger Mercedes-Benz. Interestingly though, the minister of state-owned enterprises, Dahlan Iskan (pictured above), who is the one aggressively pushing the electric car program, is looking forward to getting his hands on a third prototype next week, which is more like a Ferrari level of sports car:


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