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Solar energy offers a ray of hope

TERI is engaged in setting up solar charging stations in rural and Agency areas

With a view to easing the power situation, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), a global NGO, is engaged in setting up Solar Charging Stations in the rural and Agency areas in collaboration with the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

As part of the MNRE mandate to popularise the tapping of solar power, TERI has been introducing solar appliances, including home lighting systems, individual lanterns, and task lights, etc, in the villages which are experiencing long hours of power-cut.

TERI State coordinator V. Murthy told The Hindu that nearly 100 SCSs were being set up in rural areas in the State.

Solar lights and other appliances were being supplied to every home so that villages can overcome total darkness at the time of power interruption.

The objective of SCSs is mainly to recharge batteries which can be used for four to six hours every day. TERI is engaged in supply of solar lights as well as in opening charging stations manned by a single person. The stations can charge up to 50 lights at a time. Every village will have a local entrepreneur who will supply and maintain the solar lamps.

Every nine villages will have a technical resource person who will ensure smooth functioning of the SCSs.

As many as 11 stations are operating in the district and 46 more are in the process of being set up.


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