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Prospecting for Electric Cars’ Second Golden Age

In his debut Time Machine blog post for yesterday, Matt Novak looked at the first golden age of electric cars roughly a century ago. That sheen dulled though as the advantages of the internal combustion engine—think range and power—trumped the quiet appeal of battery-powered vehicles.
In a “the more things change”-style report, market researchers GlobalData outline some of the stumbling blocks to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the Tesla- and Fisker-influenced modern day. (The report costs a cool $3,995 so forgive us as we link to press releases to explain it.) Global Data argues that electric vehicles continue to come in second to fuel-powered cars “due to factors such as range limitation, occupancy levels and the poor current choice of [battery electric vehicle] models.”
If those didn’t create an uphill road to begin with, the generally higher cost of electrics (average pricetag just sound of $40,000 each) and the lack of charging stations (a kind of subset of the limited range issue) makes the climb even steeper, and tends to focus attention on government support as a prerequisite to consumer demand. Still, even in these Solyndra-bashing times, there’s been scattered backing for electric vehicles; GlobalData even talks of a sort of arms race among European governments to see which can be king of the EV hill.


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