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Plug-In Hybrids Favored By Potential Electric Car Buyers

It’s not too surprising to find that plug-in hybrids, PHEV should outsell pure electric cars in the near future. Now backed by fresh studies, this should influence how carmakers respond to this new demand.

Plug-in Hybrids, The Intelligent In Between. Yes, they are technically challenging, they come in all shapes and form, and they can cost a lot to develop, they also answer a daunting question, how far? Plug-in hybrids are a formidable force for the automobile industry and are the perfect answer to the dilemma of wanting an electric car but still wanting a back up energy source on-board. But are they enough to jolt a wait and see crowd of potential car buyers?

Plug-In Hybrids, Best Of All Worlds. Plug-in hybrids offer a lot of benefits, if done intelligently. Mild plug-in hybrids might be cheaper to make and offer very little flexibility. A Prius is optimized to function the way it does with very little driver choice. Intelligent PHEVs popping up, such as Ford’s amazing C-MAX Energi offer choice and flexibility. In the Energi’s case, a driver can choose from gasoline only, to electricity and dual mode, with amazing gas saving and fastest electric speed available.


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