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Nissan Leaf Joins Drivers’ Ed, Passes No-Gas Student

Do you remember learning to drive?

The chances are, like us, you learned to drive in a gasoline car, even if you drive an electric car today.

Last month however, Norwegian Solveig Marie Ødegård became the first person in the world to learn to drive and pass her test in an all-electric car, the 2012 Nissan Leaf.

Unlike the daughter of contributor Michael Thwaite, who made a few tentative attempts in a Honda Insight before switching to an all-electric car, Ødegård has never driven a gasoline car in her life.

“First I looked at this as a duty, since someone in this family needed to be able to drive,” said Ødegård, already pregnant with her second child. “However, from the first moment I got into the car I discovered that this was incredibly fun,” she continued.

In order to pass her test, Ødegård had to endure one of the strictest drivers’ education program in the world.

Norway’s Driving School Leaf
As well as learning how to control the car under normal conditions, students must learn first aid, drive safely on an ice track, and even take day-long trips to prove they have the skills required to drive along Norway’s many miles of remote, snow-covered winter roads.


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