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Middle East: Electric car in Gaza

Gaza: Monzer Al Qasas, an average taxi driver for more than 15 years and a resident in the city of Gaza has created with his own ingenuity the first hand-made electric car in the Gaza strip.
As a result of the need of people living in the impoverished Gaza Strip and a display of patriotism, the Palestinian taxi driver selected different pieces from other vehicles such as electric cables and metal scraps, as well as a battery of small dimensions which he proudly attached on the back of the car.
“The reason that led me to build this electric car is the severe lack of fuel we suffer from in the Gaza Strip. Sometimes, the crisis may cool down, but at other times, it gets even more difficult. That’s when I thought of another way rather than depending on fuel.” Monzer said.
The Gaza strip has been facing a fuel crisis for over six months, and the crisis is getting worse since Egypt closed the tunnels after the terrorist attack which led to the death of 16 Egyptian soldiers in northern Sinai.


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