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London Olympics Shine Light on Electric Cars

The Olympic games have been the world’s largest sports event for centuries, but there’s something new for this year’s edition. It is labeled as the greenest modern Olympic games. We’ll have to trust the organizers on this point, as we lack documentation from previous games, but it’s a fact that Olympics-related cars have never been greener.

Cars? There’s no motor racing at the Olympics, but with thousands of athletes, journalists and officials, transport is a major issue. BMW was asked to bring solutions, as the German company is the official automotive partner to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is big business as the car manufacturer brought more than 4,000 vehicles to London. Most of them are clean diesels. BMW 3 and 5-Series EfficientDynamics, but there’s also 120 5-Series ActiveHybrid, and 200 electric cars, represented by 40 Mini Es and 160 BMW ActiveEs, the electric 1-Series coupe.

More than that, BMW has also built a pavilion where most of its vehicle range is on display, with many hints to tell that tomorrow’s line-up will be even better. BMW had also selected London for its first electric dealership, a store totally dedicated to the new “i” sub-brand. There was also a premiere at the BMW’s pavilion with the unexpected unveiling of an electric scooter. It’s very likely that it will be sold alongside the BMW i3 next year. This scooter has the same cells as the upcoming electric car, and it has 8 kWh of them, so it should have an excellent range for a motorbike.


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