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Guest Column: SwedishAmerican Foundation’s charging stations and energy-efficient home

By John R. Mecklenberg
Executive Vice President & CEO, SwedishAmerican Foundation
Every morning for the past month when I get to the office, I’ve had a sight that warms my heart … a white Chevy Volt regularly charging in The Foundation’s new Vehicle Charging Stations. The “hope of usage,” which drove The Foundation’s decision to install four Charging Stations at Camelot last fall, has become a reality! We hope that by installing these free “plug-ins,” we would make it easy for employees (and visitors) to purchase and drive electrically-powered vehicles in our neighborhood.
In early July, the first hospital employee stopped by The Foundation office to confirm that our vehicle charging station could, indeed, handle a Chevy Volt. When assured that it could, he began driving his new Volt to work. Next?
Melody Pobjecky (the Foundation’s Property coordinator) and I toured a couple of our nearly-completed projects last week, making notations on the myriad of “little things” that need to be done to put these two particular pieces on the market. We know that the families who purchase our neighborhood homes need (and deserve) everything “spot on” when they take possession of a house. And we’re committed to attaining that level of excellence. It seems that getting the “details” just right can sometimes be more time-consuming than anything else. But, we’re getting there…



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