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German Manufacturers Believe in Electric Scooters

In Europe or in the United States, it seems there are more people talking about electric cars than people actually buying one, but it’s the opposite with electric scooters. It’s much less of a statement, and people buying an electric scooter don’t raise attention, but their number is growing. Silently, of course. Except maybe in China, where thanks to strong government support, the electric scooter is a large and mature market. The Chinese government did it the authoritarian way, by outlawing gas scooters in some cities. That wouldn’t work in the western world. The electric scooter needs to succeed by its own virtues. Pricing and ease of use will be two decisive factors.

An electric car is much more expensive than a gas one. For example, the price of an electric Ford Focus can easily be compared to the price of the standard model. The difference is several thousand dollars. An electric scooter is also more expensive than a gas one, but the difference is only a couple hundred bucks. That’s a much smaller pill to swallow. Then, there’s the delicate question of charging needs, but the electric scooter has the easiest answer: it doesn’t need any specific equipment. With a small battery, it will plug just fine into any wall socket. A good match with a customer’s expectation is also a good thing, and few people will worry about the shorter range of a scooter.


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