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Europe/USA: Spanish Carpool Company Launches in the US

Spanish carpool leader brings European flavor to ridesharing with US website, free iPhone app

For Immediate Release, the Spanish carpooling company with more than 50,000 registered users, has landed in the new world with a US website and iPhone app.
Amovens is a free online carpooling service that helps drivers and passengers find rideshare partners based on their routes and travel date and times. Passengers can offer drivers cash to help offset the cost of gas, tolls, parking and maintenance, while drivers can “sell” their available seats online. Users can choose from a variety of preferences, including whether pets, smoking, or eating and drinking are allowed in the car.
Drivers and passengers can also rate each other after each ride on a 5-star scale and leave comments about their experiences. Just like e-Bay’s rating system, Amovens’ comment and rating section helps create a transparent environment that assures safety and reliability.
“We’re delighted to enter the US market,” said Diego Hidalgo, CEO and co-founder of Amovens. “Both the website and the app have been a huge success in Europe, and we’re excited about the potential we see for online ridesharing in the States.”
Amovens helps drivers and passengers split the cost of travel by matching them with rideshare partners on its website and through its iPhone app. By creating a market where drivers can register to sell empty seats in their vehicles (just like airlines can sell open seats through travel websites), Amovens helps travelers reduce the cost of travel while minimizing their carbon footprint. With more than 50,000 registered users, Amovens has helped eliminate more than 3.5 million pounds of carbon emissions and saved passengers and drivers more than $2 million.
“Amovens is one of the best new ideas to come out of Spain in a long time,” said investor José-María Figueres Olsen, former president of Costa Rica and current president of the Carbon War Room. “By creating a market where drivers can sell seats in their cars, Amovens helps users see that the sustainable choices them make can also translate into real savings.”
Amovens has already partnered with a number of North American music and art festivals, including the Vans Warped Tour, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Treasure Island Festival, Mutek and Summer Meltdown.
About Amovens USA
Amovens is an international ridesharing platform that works with corporations, universities, local governments and events to help reduce their carbon footprints and parking needs, all while lowering transportation costs for their community members. Amovens has partnered with more than 40 events and corporate clients such as Ford, Ericsson, and Banco Sabadell. Amovens is based in Madrid, Spain, with offices in Europe and North America. For more information, please visit or call 650-353-2452.
For more information contact:
Jef Cozza
Director – Amovens USA


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