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Chrysler To Make EV’s “Sparingly” For “Targeted Applications”

Nearly every automaker in the world has already rolled out at least one electric vehicle, even in limited quantities and markets. But not Chrysler, at least not yet. That will soon change though with an electric Fiat hitting dealerships next year, though the Chrysler-Fiat alliance still seems skeptical of vehicular electrification.
Biding Time, Making Moves
Their skepticism is well-warranted; electric vehicle sales have not taken off like many analysts and politicians hoped. Nissan’s big gamble with the Leaf EV has not paid off yet, with sales falling below 400 units in the month of July. Ford’s Focus Electric is selling in the double digits, and other electric cars aren’t even on the map.
Chrysler, on the other hand, has forgone too much investment in electric cars, and it has surged back to profitability after nearly caving into bankruptcy. But government regulations at both the Federal and state levels mean that eventually, Chrysler will have to build electric cars for sale in certain markets. And that is exactly what they will do.


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