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Charging By Amount Of Electricity Used Instead Of By The Hour

Public charging is about to take a simple business model and make it unaffordable for many with the consequence that it will deter electric car drivers from charging on the go.

What was once free is about to cost a lot of money with the public charge model about to turn on the fees. While, it is difficult for any business to stay afloat during a recession, charging expensive fees certainly seems like a recipe for disaster.

From Free Charging To Expensive. Some of you have noticed that the free public system is slowly going away and is replaced with hefty prices. Most electric cars, the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i MiEV have a 3.3kW on-board charger. If you have the newer Ford Focus electric or Coda’s EV, the charger jumps to 6.6. If you happen to have a Tesla Model S, then your charger handles 10 kW, although to be fair, J1772 won’t allow 10 kW since most public stations are capped at 240 volts with 30 amps, which gives you 7.2 kw. What does this mean? The higher the charger rate is, the faster you can charge. And therein lies the rub, public charge stations want to charge you by the hour, not how much electricity you are consuming.


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