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Canada: Vancouver expands municipal fleet with 13 new electric vehicles

Shin Fujioka and Mayor Gregor Robertson take one of the city’s new electric cars for a drive.

The City of Vancouver is adding 13 new electric vehicles to its municipal fleet.

The purchase of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV vehicles was announced today (August 15) by Mayor Gregor Robertson, Vancouver park board chair Sarah Blyth and Shin Fujioka, the president and CEO of Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada.

“We recognize that the city plays a really important role in leading the way and setting the example in its operations, and demonstrating what a greenest city looks like in our city-run buildings, in our facilities, and all of our operations, including our transportation,” Robertson told reporters outside city hall.

“With the addition of these vehicles, Vancouver now has the greenest fleet of vehicles in all of Canada.”

Eleven of the cars will be for city department use, and two for the park board. The new vehicles are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 29,000 kilograms per year, and save the city $20,800 per year in fuel and maintenance costs, according to the mayor.

City engineer Peter Judd said the new municipal vehicles will be used for general purposes such as parking enforcement and building inspections.

The cars cost about $28,000 each for the initial purchase, after a rebate from the provincial government. Judd said the funding comes out of the city’s annual vehicle budget.

“It’s not additional money,” he told the Straight. “We replace vehicles on an ongoing basis, and we have thousands of vehicles of different kinds in the fleet.

“Instead of replacing with a regular Focus or other gas-fueled car, we’ve replaced it with this—so that funding is built in.”

Following the purchase announced today, the city’s electric vehicle fleet now includes 16 i-MiEVs, one Nissan Leaf, two electric scooters, and 23 utility vehicles. Another purchase of up to 17 MiEVs will be made next year.

Fujioka said the purchase by the City of Vancouver is the largest of its kind in Canada


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