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Canada: Shopping centre leads way for electric car convenience

EMC news – Ottawa drivers who use electric cars to get around have got their first free spot to charge up while they run errands.

“Place d’Orléans installed the first public charging station for electric vehicles in Ottawa, with free access to customers visiting the shopping mall,” said Bridlewood resident Ricardo Borba, the first owner of the Nissan Leaf – which is the first fully electric, mass-produced vehicle in Canada. “Hopefully this will set the examples for other businesses to follow.”

What’s believed to be the first public electric car charger in Ottawa was installed at the Place d’Orléans Shopping Mall on July 16.

“It’s being used and we’re receiving compliments from customers,” said Place d’Orléans general manager Chris St. Amand. “It’s sort of a growing community of electric car drivers.”

The project started because Myers Orléans Chevrolet Buick GMC was looking for an Orléans location to install an electric car charging station.

“We know there are going to be more electric vehicles in the future,” said general sales manager Andrew McAlear. “We wanted to establish a location where our clients could charge up.”

They considered several locations but they needed to find a location where the parking lot was owned by the retailer.

Place d’Orléans ended up fitting the bill best for the universal charging station, which charges any electric car.

“We figured that would be the number one location,” McAlear said. “A lot of people walk through Place d’Orléans from January to December and there is a clear location underground.”


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