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Canada: Shoppes unveils charging station

CHINO HILLS – The Shoppes has the solution to pollution – a new electric vehicle charging station.
The shopping center partnered with Charge Harbor LLC to provide a charging service parking spot and station at Main Street and City Center Drive, near the H&M retail clothing store.

“Alternative fuel vehicles are an important part of our nation’s efforts to reduce our reliance on imported oil and what’s possibly more important for our environment and quality of life is reducing emission and improving our air quality,” Mayor Art Bennett said.

A ribbon -utting ceremony on Tuesday welcomed the service to electric vehicle drivers.

“You have to get more people interested in buying electric vehicles so we can reduce the amount of foreign oil we buy and for global warming,” Pomona resident Al Banman said. “And it saves me money.”

Banman was showing off his 2011 electric powered Nissan Leaf with a license plate that read “GOTMYEV.”

The Plug In America member, which a nonprofit promotes electric cars, also sported a white ball cap – “Nissan Leaf 100% electric No Emissions.”

The 83-year-old said he spends $25 a month on “filling up” his car. He used to drive a used Lincoln Town Car that was a true gas-guzzler at 16 miles to the gallon.

But Banman scored big when found out he saved $7,500 in federal tax credits when he bought the “green” car.

“Being retired I didn’t have taxes to off set that so they rolled that into my lease,” he said.

The nonprofit


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