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Can You Build Your Own Electric Vehicle?


German EV conversion company TurnE Conversions transformed this Smart Car into an all-electric vehicle with just a few simple modifications. Photo: Seth Leitman

Want to get in on emissions-free EV travel but can’t find a car that strikes your fancy? You’re certainly not alone. Roadblocks such as price, range anxiety and concerns over style and convenience lead many drivers to shy away from EVs. But what if we told you that you can build your own electric vehicle for the price of a new economy car?

The idea may sound far-fetched at first, but that’s exactly what Seth Leitman, consulting series editor of McGraw-Hill’s Green Guru Guides, creator of Green Living Guy and author of the book “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle,” is out to prove to America.

“We’re trying to prove that you can take any car and convert it to electric,” Leitman told Earth911. “You can do it right now and not just hypothetically.”

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In “Build Your Own Electric Vehicle,” Leitman attempts to convince auto shoppers of the benefits of electric cars and show them how easy it can be to have one of their own, whether by converting a standard car in their own garage, having their car converted by a company or purchasing an EV already on the market.

“I want you to build your own electric car…or to have your own electric car built. I want you, if you don’t want a conversion, to go get your Nissan Leaf or your Ford Focus Electric,” Leitman said. “I don’t care what you do, but build your own electric car for yourself. That’s the concept of this book.”


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