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Auto industry may be taking wind energy more seriously than others

Ford begins taking a closer look at wind energy

The concept of a wind-powered car has often been criticized if not made the subject of derision. The subject was touched upon briefly earlier last week when presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested that wind-powered cars may be viable in the future. This suggestion was quickly targeted by Romney’s opponents who claimed wind energy could not be used for transportation. This may not be the case, however, as the country’s wind energy industry continues to experience strong growth. This growth has led to prestigious automaker Ford taking a close look at the possibility of incorporating wind energy into transportation.

Ford expands research and development of clean technology

General Motors has emerged as a leader in the electric vehicle space with its Chevy Volt, but Ford is poised to bring some staunch competition to the market with its future electric vehicles. Ford has repurposed its Advanced Engineering Center to focus exclusively on electric vehicle technology. The engineering center has even been renamed to the Advanced Electrification Center. The new center has a strong focus on lithium-ion batteries and their associated technologies, but researchers have also been tasked with examining the potential uses of wind energy.



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