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Australia: Newcastle Industrial Solar Power Company Builds DIY Electric Car

NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia August, 2012 – With a significant focus on corporate social responsibility, ‘beating’ carbon tax, ‘going green’ and sustainability – it’s clear that every Australian organisation and homeowner should be thinking about ways to reduce electricity consumption. But one innovative solar power company has taken the fight against carbon emissions from the home to the road – with the conversion from a fuel-powered car to an electric car that will be charged at solar power stations and be totally emission-neutral.

Founded in 2000, Solar Power Australia (SPA) has been providing individuals and businesses with a sustainable and cost-effective option for photovoltaic power in the commercial, industrial and residential industries for over 12 years. Now the Newcastle solar power company, accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia, has converted a fuel-powered Delorean motor vehicle to electric and are making this innovative technology available to all Australians.

“Solar Power Australia is an industry leader at the forefront of the solar industry and continues to focus on unique and custom-made solar power products,” says Brett Sutherland, Managing Director of SPA. “The electric Delorean is charged from solar power so its carbon footprint is zero. Solar Power Australia can provide high quality products to assist customers to convert their favourite car to electric, meaning they are not confined to the mainstream electric cars currently available on the market.”


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