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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging

The development of electric vehicle infrastructure is essential for large-scale expansion of the industry.
Not that it doesn’t already have fans—plenty of celebrities have already bought into the industry, and Tesla’s more affordable Model S made a splash when it was released last month.
But these trends have all the trappings of a fad. Something else is needed to make it stick.
The biggest issue the industry has been facing, aside from the high prices of the vehicles, is a lack of infrastructure.
Mainly that means charging stations. Because EVs generally can’t travel long distances on a single charge, especially if they run strictly on electricity, charging stations are necessary to make the vehicle worthwhile.
Recently, ECOtality (NASDAQ: ECTY) announced that it would install its first Blink DC Fast Charger, which can charge most EVs in up to 30 minutes, at the Bishop Ranch business center in California.
And GE’s (NYSE: GE) WattStation charger can be installed at home for easy access to charging.
But researchers have been studying the possibility of wireless charging. What if you could charge your electric vehicle by doing little more than driving down the road?
Of course, that’s a long way off. But innovative technology still in the trial stages is moving much closer to that potential.


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