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USA: We’re putting you in the driver’s seat – and here’s how.

Not sure which electric transportation conference you should participate in this year?
Here are some facts

The Attendee Value
• The Plug-In 2012 agenda offers balance. It’s one-third vehicle
technology, one-third infrastructure and one-third policy
and outreach, providing real-world insight into all aspects of
the industry.
• The scope and structure of the event facilitate personal contact
with the automakers, charging equipment manufacturers,
utilities and component suppliers who are helping to bring the
vehicles and infrastructure to the marketplace.
• The agenda can take those new to electric transportation
and bring them up-to-speed over the course of a few days.
This further encourages attendance from individuals with
new or evolving roles that encompass electric vehicles
and infrastructure.
The Exhibitor Value
• The Plug-In Exposition offers a very “buyer-rich” atmosphere,
as those who actually implement electric vehicle and
infrastructure programs – fleet and facility managers, local and
city government employees and utility staff – make up the core
of our attendance.
• The exhibit hall sees excellent attendance by conference
participants. Its set-up allows for easy one-on-one visits with
each exhibitor during the event.
• The Exposition receives excellent ratings and a high rate of
return from past exhibitors.
• With a history of strong regional attendance, Plug-In 2012
in San Antonio will most likely bring in new attendees and,
therefore, new visitors to the Exposition


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