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USA: Vehicle plug-in spots pop up

CORINTH — John Gauthier figures electricity is everywhere; it’s just a matter of getting to it.
That was part of the reason he decided to buy a Nissan Leaf, a fully electric-powered car, last year.
“It costs you a lot less for your operation costs,” he said.
Gauthier, of Richland Hills, usually buys a car and drives it for as many years as he can. His last car was an Infiniti G20. But on Saturday, he was at Orr Nissan in Corinth trading in his 2011 Leaf for the 2012 model.
Gauthier said he was skeptical when he took the Leaf for a test drive a year and half ago, but he decided to buy it because he’s ecologically minded and it costs less to operate.
As a small but growing number of drivers discover the benefits of electric cars, there is a need for the accompanying infrastructure: charging stations.
Two charging stations recently were installed at The Cupboard Natural Foods and Cafe on Congress Street in Denton. They fall in line with the store’s initiative toward being more sustainable, said Paul Tanis, manager and part-owner.
Tanis said The Cupboard’s other steps toward sustainability include upgrading the roof to rubber, which absorbs less heat; catching rainwater to water plants; and capturing water from the air conditioning system’s condensation.
“It was right in line with our goal to be more green,” he said.


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