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USA: Updated: 100k electric sports car turns heads in downtown Holland

Holland —
Electric vehicles of any type are still rare enough to earn second looks.

So when a high-end Fisker EVer Karma appeared plugged into a charge station along downtown Holland’s Eighth Street, it caused a sensation, with motorists and pedestrians alike rubbernecking as they passed. The car’s cooling fan could be heard humming as it charged.

Similar to the Chevy Volt, the car can run on gas or electricity, or a combination of the two, according to It sports a solar roof and sells for roughly $100,000.

The car’s owner couldn’t be identified, though from a temporary license in the back window it appeared to have been purchased less than a week ago from auto dealer Fields Auto Group, in Illinois.

Bill Michlin, sales manager at Fisker of North Shore, a division of Fields Auto Group that sells the vehicles, confirmed the firm had recently sold a silver Karma EC model to a customer in the West Olive area.

The auto in Holland was marked as an EC model, or “Eco Chik,” which means great efforts were made to build trim and the car’s interior with recycled or discarded materials. For instance, wood trim comes from trees only felled by forest fires or storms. Also, no animal products are used in the model – top-paying customers give up leather seats.

“It is not only environmentally freindly, it is, I’m going to say, vegan freindly,” Michlin said.


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