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USA: NH gets electric-car competition: Mitsubishi is selling i-Miev here

In a capitalist society, no product really exists until there are competing versions fighting for your dollars.
Electric cars now exist in New Hampshire.
In recent months, Lovering Mitsubishi in Concord, part of the company that includes the family’s Nashua Volvo dealership, has begun selling the i-Miev, which is pronounced “eye-meeve” and stands for something-or-other ending with “electric vehicle.”
It is a real car with room for four adults, capable of highway speeds and full of air bags, air conditioning, cup holders – all the necessities of modern transportation – but, as the name implies, is driven entirely by an electric motor. It will never pull into a gas station unless the tires need air.
The i-Miev competes with the Nissan Leaf, which has been sold in the state for close to a year.
Other electric cars are coming, including an electric Ford Focus in 2014 and an electric Honda Fit next year, but these are the first all-electric vehicles from major automotive companies. The Chevy Volt runs on electric power, but has a gasoline engine.
They reflect both the advantages and drawbacks of being a technology early adopter.
“This is not a car you settle for,” said Dan Carlen, general sales manger, as he gave a tour of the i-Miev. “You’re making a statement.”
Indeed. Depending on your point of view, the i-Miev with its minuscule, sloping hood and rounded body looks cool, strange or goofy. (I vote for “cool.”) Even more than the Leaf, its design announces its novelty.
There are many advantages to that novelty, beyond not having to stop at gas stations.


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