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USA: Green group plugs electric cars in MD

Want to do your part to fight climate change? Buy (and drive) a battery-powered car, suggests Environment Maryland. The green group says the state could begin to whittle away at the massive amounts of climate-altering pollution produced here if more people drove electric vehicles.

Whether that’s a realistic vision or pipe dream depends on whether consumers warm up to plug-in vehicles more than they have so far.

Drawing on analysis done by the Center for Automotive Research, the environmental group predicts that 11,683 Marylanders could buy their first electric vehicle by 2015.

That many plug-in cars (and trucks?) would produce 16,000 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, the center calculated. They could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by three times that if the juice used to recharge them came from renewable sources like wind or solar.

That also could reduce the nation’s insatiable need for oil by nearly 2.8 million gallons per year, Environment Maryland predicts.

“For decades, owning a car has meant consuming oil. Today, drivers finally have a choice,” Sam Feigenbaum, organizer at Environment Maryland, said in a statement accompanying the report.

Electric vehicle sales are picking up, car makers report, but they have a long way to go to make a dent in all the gasoline-powered vehicles out there.


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