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USA: EV Driver focus groups on 8/1, 8/2, and 8/6 (via phone/web about

My name is Tom Beggs with Stat One Research in Atlanta. We are conducting focus groups with people who own or lease electric vehicles. The groups will take place via phone/web (like a Webex) on 8/1, 8/2, and 8/6. Each group will start at 8pm EST, last two hours, and each respondent who participates in our study will receive an honorarium of $100 for his or her time and opinions. Some EAA chapters sent out a notice to their members last week and I’ve started recruiting for the groups, but I could use more respondents (based on region of the country, type of vehicle, etc.), so I thought I’d reach out to you in the event that the study sponsor, Chartwell (a publisher in Atlanta), hasn’t already contacted someone at your chapter.

In any case, if you can send out a notice, any members who are interested should email or call me with their name, phone number, type of EV they currently drive, and night(s) that they are available. I’d just need to ask each contact a few questions to see if he or she fits into the categories that we are looking for in this study. That should only take a few minutes.

Please let me know if I may provide further information, and thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide in this study!

Thanks much,


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