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USA: Electric Cars Charged Without Cables, Without Touching

When it comes to introducing risk free electric cars into the mainstream, car rental is a no-brainer. Wireless charging systems could be just the right push to increase the adoption and convenience.

Wireless Charging Saves The Day. If you’ve been reading our latest electric car articles on lately, you’ll probably have noticed we are slightly enamored with the promise of ease and convenience when it comes to the wireless charging of electric cars. One of the other topics we covered is how car rental could be a boon to the new electric car market, as an efficient and cheap way to get your eco-curiosity satisfied.

Evatran, a company I interviewed at EVS26 in Los Angeles has already completed the first three installations of its Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle, EV charging technology. The program dubbed the Apollo Launch Program has partnered with Hertz, Duke Energy, and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. While these installations are so far specifically for the electric Nissan LEAF, it does give electric vehicle rentals full wireless charging capability, easing the charging procedure.


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