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USA: Electric car station to open in August BY JESSICA TEMPLE

ROCKWALL — Electric car owners will be able to charge their car starting in August at the new eVgo charging station in the parking lot of Walgreens on Ridge Rd.

The company eVgo, currently has a network in the Houston and North Texas areas. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area there are to be 35 Freedom Station sites.

The charging stations will act as a gas station does for a non-electric car. An eVgo Convenience Station will offer Level 2 charging docks and an eVgo Freedom Station offers both Level 2 and DC charging docks.

Every electric car has a built-in charger that must be used in order to drive the car. A Level 2 charger means the car runs on a 240-volt AC charge and can charge up to 24 miles per hour. A DC charger is a 480-volt DC charge which charges up to 160 miles per hour.

Communications Specialist for eVgo Carly Kade said Freedom Stations are unlike any other electric charging station because they triple the miles of charging with DC chargers.

“We are the only people in Texas that offer 50 miles of range in 15 minutes with DC chargers,” Kade said.


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