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USA: CODA Hits the REFUEL 2012 with a Race Ready Electric Car

A small group of CODA employees are having fun this weekend and have worked hard on a donated pre-production CODA. What were they doing? They put in many after-work hours, used a lot of donated materials and plenty of their off-work time to turn an all-electric CODA into a track day vehicle. Yes, track day! That spells plenty of fun and the team on the Laguna Seca right now for REFUEL 2012 is proving it. The CODA REFUEL team worked on making the electric car faster, better handling with help from generous sponsors on a shoe string budget.

2012 REFUEL. This great event started in 2009, where Speed Ventures’ REFUEL opened one of the greatest track on this planet, the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to electric cars and motorcycles. You will find production vehicles, prototypes, conversions and purpose-built race cars and motorcycles that participate in the SportElectric Time Trial. The biggest problem with racing electric vehicles is charging. To this end, temporary charging power is provided in the paddock.


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