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USA: Celebrating Four-Year Anniversary, ChargePoint Announces 4.0, Groundbreaking Electric Vehicle Charging Platform and Intelligent Network

Streamlined, Updated look for Drivers and Stations Owners; New Features Include ChargePoint Connections, Intuitive Dashboards, Enhanced Administrative and Billing Features

SAN ANTONIO, Jul 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Coulomb Technologies today announced the release of their ChargePoint 4.0 platform for electric vehicle drivers and charging station owners. With a new streamlined and updated look, ChargePoint 4.0 provides sophisticated features including: patent-pending ChargePoint Connections, intuitive dashboards, support for multi-site deployments, and the ability to create new pricing structures for charging services. Celebrating the 4-year anniversary of the launch of ChargePoint, ChargePoint 4.0 is being showcased at the Plug-In 2012 show in San Antonio, Texas July 23 – 25, 2012 in the Coulomb booth number 215.

“The introduction of ChargePoint 4.0 marks a major milestone for ChargePoint,” said Pat Romano, president and CEO of Coulomb Technologies. “ChargePoint 4.0 is the ideal charging solution for employers, retailers, hotels, municipalities, parking services, multiple dwelling units, fleets, and utility companies looking for ways to increase traffic flow to their businesses, provide new value to employees, and differentiate themselves from competitors. For electric vehicle drivers, ChargePoint 4.0 is the easiest, most convenient way to charge your EV, with thousands of public charging stations, intuitive driver dashboards, convenient ways to pay for charging, 24×7 driver support and valuable driver services.”

New features include:

— New ChargePoint enhanced user interface design and website: The launch of ChargePoint 4.0 includes a newly designed look and feel, revised online dashboards and a new corporate logo and design elements. Station owners now have an easy to use online solution that provides access to all station data and metrics through an easy to use dashboard. Drivers and station owners can easily view personal, organization and network-wide statistics, as well as recent usage, real-time availability of stations and real-time charging data for public or home chargers.

— ChargePoint Connections lets station owners build a relationship with drivers who use their stations. For example, retailers, hotels, restaurants and parking garage operators can use ChargePoint Connections as a way to attract and retain new customers. This mechanism will enable sending special offers, messages and discounts via email, text message or mobile alerts. For workplace charging, ChargePoint Connections vastly simplifies the process of initially giving employees access to corporate owned stations and more importantly makes on-going administration of that access control quick and easy.

— Multi-site deployment support allows corporations to view and manage their charging stations world-wide from a single location and login. At the same time, those corporations can grant selectable levels of control over any group of their stations to local installation, support and management teams. The combination of these capabilities lets large corporations scale their charging infrastructure with ease.

— New pricing structures expand upon ChargePoint’s industry-leading Flex Billing with several new features, including the ability to combine per-hour and per-kWh fees, and the ability to charge by plug-in time or actual charging time. Station owners can specify preferred pricing groups, each with different pricing rules.

— Simplified workflows and administration: ChargePoint 4.0 optimizes the workflow of managing charging stations, allowing you to operate more efficiently, with less effort, while maintaining tight control over who sees what, and who can perform what tasks.

— Advanced Analytics: ChargePoint 4.0’s integrated analytics engine provides sophisticated metrics around station occupancy and energy consumption, including peak power usage statistics, GhG emissions, station revenue and other valuable data.

Pricing and availability: ChargePoint 4.0 is a free upgrade for all ChargePoint account holders and will go live for all station owners and drivers in September, 2012.

About ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the largest online global charging network connecting electric vehicle drivers to charging stations in more than 14 countries. ChargePoint offers service plans of cloud-based solutions that handle all drivers billing and support. This provides organizations the control and flexibility they need to optimize performance of their electric vehicle charging operations. Open to all charging station manufacturers, stations on ChargePoint are currently dispensing over 577 Megawatt hours of energy each month, with drivers plugging in for more than 3,300 charging sessions per day. For more information: visit . Follow us on Twitter @chargepointnet. Like us on Facebook @ChargePoint.

ChargePoint. Access anywhere. Go everywhere.

SOURCE: Coulomb Technologies

Coulomb Technologies
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