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USA: Car-charging stations powering up around Broward

Plugging in and powering up is getting easier for electric car owners as car charging stations pop up across Broward and Palm Beach counties.

More than 6,000 electric cars navigate the roads in Broward and Palm Beach counties: 2,498 electric cars are registered in Broward and 3,834 in Palm Beach County.

Cities such as Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach have already approved and installed charging stations in an effort to be cleaner and greener.


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Electric car charging station sign om the parking space outside the Fort Lauderdale Walgreens at 1680 SE 17th Street Thursday morning.
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Weston commissioners are considering giving retailers the OK to install car powering stations in parking lots. The city will review an amendment allowing up to 5 percent of existing parking to be used for electrical car charging stations at its Aug. 20 meeting.

City Manager John Flint said he doesn’t know how many city residents use electric cars, but commissioners anticipate the number will increase and are concerned about how the stations will look.

“As we move into this electric car era, so to speak, we need to be proactive and prepared,” Commissioner Toby Feuer said. “We’ll want [the stations] to look uniform … to see the same design across the board.”

The Walgreens drugstore at Bonaventure Boulevard is the first business in Weston to ask the city to allow the stations. It is part of the company’s nationwide plan to install stations in 800 store parking lots this year.

Walgreens has already installed charging stations at stores in Margate and Fort Lauderdale.


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