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USA: Alvarez low-speed EVs unveiled in Vegas, coming soon to EcoCentres

Every now and then, a new electric vehicle pops up unexpectedly on our radar, fully realized and just about ready for sale. They’re usually low-speed electrics, and that’s exactly the case with the line-up of EVs from Alvarez Electric Motors Company that was unveiled in Vegas last week at the National Association of Minority Auto Dealers.

Looking almost exactly like any number of neighborhood electric vehicles before them, the Alvarez NEVs will be sold in “Ecocentres,” which are part of a dealership network “dedicated to economical, environmentally friendly fleet and consumer vehicles.”

Who is this titular Alvarez? He’s Ramon Alvarez, who owns Lincoln and Jaguar dealerships in Riverside, CA and said that the cars’ main reason for being is their low price tags and zero-emission status. In a statement, he said, “Americans who love the environment and hate the price of gasoline are showing an increasing level of interest in owning an electric vehicle, but they sometimes have been stymied by the relatively-high cost of ownership. AEMC is going to bridge that gap with a commuter car that is priced just under $10,000 and is eligible for thousands of dollars in rebates and tax credits through our local, state and federal governments.”

Prices start at $9,995 for the Eco-E Commuter Car, $16,995 for the EcoTruck and $17,995 for the EcoVan. T


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