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USA: 3 electric-car chargers installed in Cave Creek

Cave Creek is plugging in.

Three Blink electric vehicle chargers have been installed at Town Hall, 37622 N. Cave Creek Road.

The station is the first of its kind in Cave Creek and can be used to power up most electric cars, including the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt.

Town Manager Usama Abujbarah said the charging stations are available to the public and will be used by the town’s fleet vehicles when they go electric.

Abujbarah hopes the charging station will keep the town ahead of the green curve.

“These stations may not get much use initially, but as gas prices rise and as more residents and visitors purchase electric vehicles, we want the town to be ready,” he said.

The new chargers are part of the EV Project, launched in 2009, to install electric-vehicle charger infrastructure in test markets throughout the country.

San Francisco-based ECOTality is contracted by the Department of Energy to install the chargers in a number of states, including Texas, California, Oregon and Washington.

They were funded by $230 million in grants from the Department of Energy and partner matches.

Town officials said about $6,500 in labor was spent for the installation. Officials with ECOTality said the retail cost is $1,295 for each charging unit. No town funds were spent on the new technology.


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