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UK: ‘Perpetual motion’ drives electric cars forward

Wireless charging systems include electrically wired pads on the ground that use electromagnetic fields to transfer energy to matching pads under the car
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Driving an electric Renault Fluence ZE around London’s leafy Wimbledon is not merely a serene experience – it is also a sign of things to come.

Already, electric cars such as the Fluence ZE are charged mainly at night, which means their drivers are freed from the time-consuming burden of stopping for fuel.

But in future, electric car drivers may not even have to plug their cars in.

Renault, together with Formula 1 car designer Delta Motorsport, have signed up to a trial of wireless charging technology that could offer drivers an alluring sensation – or rather illusion – of perpetual motion.

“We can effectively get a car with unlimited range,” says Anthony Thomson, vice president of business development at Qualcomm, the company behind so-called inductive charging technology.

Electric cars such as Renault’s Fluence could soon deliver limitless electric motoring
The process involves the transfer of energy from an electrically wired pad on the ground to a matching pad under the car via an electromagnetic field.

The car’s pad is wired to the car battery, which is automatically charged whenever the vehicle is parked or driven over a pad on the ground.


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