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UK: Nissan, AKQA Launch ‘World’s Cheapest Taxi Stand

An electric Nissan LEAF is six times more efficient than a gas-fueled car, meaning it’s six times cheaper. When you drive a LEAF, it not only adds to your woodland fairy street cred, but the act saves money. Most people don’t realize that, which is why AKQA created a social campaign to inform Londoners about the benefits of Nissan’s electric innovation.

People tweeted their destination to Nissan, then met a Nissan LEAF at a special taxi station near London’s Liverpool station. The journeys often cost less than 10p, or roughly 15 cents. Now that the number is in American money, it’s even clearer how ludicrously cheap that is.

“Every passenger got out of the Nissan LEAF taxi with a smile on their face,” says Nissan GB managing director Jim Wright in a statement, adding, “They loved the near silence and general refinement of the car… and were blown away when they discovered how cheap it is to fuel. Using off-peak electricity – such as when recharging overnight – means it really costs just a few pence in fuel to go anywhere by Nissan LEAF.”

In addition to increasing awareness, the London stunt, which has now expanded to Amsterdam, also helps Nissan gather consumer insight, informing them in their research on the “taxi of the future.” Nissan is also the new exclusive supplier of New York City yellow cabs, in case you didn’t know. We trust they got some good intel across the pond and that they’ll be bringing only the highest quality, affordable vehicles to our grand island. Instead of catching cabs, let’s catch LEAFs. Traffic jams can become LEAF piles. I’m excited already.

Credits and images from the stunt after the jump.


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