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UK: EDF Energy is whipping up a storm of innovation for electric vehicles

London’s charge point upgrade will be a lasting legacy

THE atmosphere will be electric when the world’s greatest athletes compete at London’s Olympic Games over the coming weeks. But the power needed to stage the greatest show on earth has to come from somewhere, and responsibility for this falls on the shoulders of EDF Energy – official partner and the official electricity supplier of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

EDF Energy will be powering the Olympic venues, as well as supplying energy to light up two of London’s most iconic landmarks: The nineteenth-century Tower Bridge, and the twenty-first-century London Eye.

Gareth Wynn, group director of the Olympic & Paralympic programme at EDF, explains that there are three dimensions to the company’s involvement with the Games. The first dimension is to transmit a clear brand message. And that message is low carbon – the Games will be run on 80 per cent nuclear and 20 per cent renewables. The second dimension is employee engagement, and the third is the development and showcasing of the company’s technology.


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