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The Spun Bearing: Charging Stations, Online-Ordering, and Electric Scooter

Charging Stations

The BMW subsidiary, BMW i Ventures, announced it was injecting an investment in Coulomb Technologies. Their ChargePoint stations handle a number of manufacturers electric vehicles.

One thing to keep in mind regarding powering electric vehicles is that the recharging process is different for every model. In addition, there are billing and authentication issues. How do you get the bill to the right person – especially if you’re charging (re-energizing and billing) a rental – especially the hourly rentals that are cropping up in mega-cities

The ability to standardize on a plug-in/power-level is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s all of the other little things and software gotchas that have to be solved to make it work and finding (and funding) an appropriate solution is worth pursuing.

But an interesting tidbit from an article on charging points found on ZDNet brought another name besides BMW to surface as an investor, the Toyota group’s Toyota Tsusho Corp.


BMW has announced that it will be looking at online-ordering as an option for obtaining i-3s. I’ve ordered a couple of cars online sight unseen (through the internet desk of dealerships). One of them I actually hadn’t had a chance to drive before I ordered it, a 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R in 1990 (order based solely on an article praising the car found in Autoweek).


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