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Scottish Energy Company Takes Delivery of Six Ampera

Luton – The Chief Executive of (SSE), the broadest based energy company in the UK, has taken delivery of six new Vauxhall Ampera Extended-Range Electric Vehicles (E-REV). As well as being introduced to SSE’s company car scheme, the revolutionary Amperas will also be included in the pool car fleet at various sites across the UK.

CEO Ian Marchant received the new Ampera Positiv – Scotland’s first Ampera in a corporate fleet – from Mike Lauriello, Corporate Relationship manager at Lex Autolease. The six Amperas are being leased via Lex Autolease.

“I’m really excited to take delivery of the new Ampera,” said Ian. “We are proud to be the first major fleet, and the first utility company, to put an electric car onto our company car policy.

“As the UK’s largest generator of electricity from renewable sources, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We are running the Ampera in our fleet as an electric vehicle that is usable every day and can cope with business needs.”

In addition to the pool cars, SSE Group Fleet Manager, Paul Groundwell, has also specified an Ampera Electron as his company vehicle. An Ampera will also be going on display at the Scottish Hydro Centre for Renewable Excellence in Glasgow. Scottish Hydro, part of the SSE Group, is using the exhibitions at the centre to educate the public about renewable energy and has created an ‘Electric Car Garage’ where electric cars are available for free test drives.


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