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Save money while being green with a Via Motors VTRUX plug-in hybrid pickup truck

The Via Motors VTRUX plug-in hybrid (extended range electric) trucks are powerful workhorses designed for commercial fleets, and because it uses electricity as its primary fuel the fleet owner can see a large cost savings over an 8 year lease period.

David West, CMO of Via Motors, began his presentation yesterday to the Silicon Valley Electric Auto Association by explaining how he was able to get a free Chevy Volt. His free Volt did not come by pulling any special strings, but through simple application of economics. He then went on to explain how a commercial fleet operator could use the same idea to save a lot of money by leasing the Via Motors VTRUX. To save money while reducing environmental impact is a double win for a business.

Via Motors is in the business of manufacturing plug-in hybrid trucks and vans. Because Bob Lutz is on Via’s board, they use the phrase “Extended Range Electric Vehicle” to describe the design, but “plug-in hybrid” is also a correct phrase to use. Via Motors gets engineless trucks from GM and installs a plug-in hybrid drive train. The VTRUX carries a gasoline engine paired with an electric which jointly form a 150 kilowatt electricity generator. That generator is not only used to recharge the battery pack when the state of charge runs low, but the truck has an inverter and power outlets for both 120 volts and 240 volts allowing the VTRUX to provide portable power sufficient for a contractor to power a job site. The 24 kilowatt-hour battery pack provides 40 miles of electric-only driving range.


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