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Renault LG Chem alliance to ensure better presence in electric vehicle industry

Nissan Renault alliance will only come into effect in second half of 2013 but the alliance is focused on being at the forefront of the electric vehicle industry. Renault – Nissan goal is to be present across the entire electric vehicle value chain right from technical architecture to motors and batteries and have confirmed their support to EV electric industry in France and partnerships with LG Chem.
These negotiations with LG Chem will be for production of current generation electric batteries from end of 2015 while the liaison will see development of next generation batteries from early 2017. This is a three year agreement between Renault – Nissan, CEA and LG Chem wherein these next generation batteries will be developed at the LG Chem European battery factory in France.
Earlier in 2010, Renault and CEA had entered a partnership to bring about clean vehicles and mobility. Together with production of advanced batteries, new technology for lithium ion batteries will be developed with studies conducted by the laboratory at an annual budget of €15 million. LG Chem is well versed with production and implementation of electric batteries. They have been in this arena for past 15 years and have till date filed over 6000 patents.


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