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One Card Fits All Electric Charging Stations

With the advent of new technologies come new frontiers. With these new frontiers chaos inevitably happens. Do we need order yet, or should we let the industry go ahead?

Driving an electric car, EV these days means carrying a few charging cards in your wallet. If it’s not Coulomb Technologies, then you need at least ECOtality’s. If you have neither, you might get stuck somewhere. In order to be well prepared, an electric car driver needs two things. A smart phone with electric charging apps and a few electric charge stations cards in order to access recharging on the go. The problem is that this means carrying many cards in the long run. So what can be done to ease the situation?

One Card Rules Them All. Todd Woody at Forbes asked an interesting question when he questioned the practicality of carrying so many cards in order to access different charging stations in the city of San Francisco. Can we get by with only one card or do we need many? Furthermore, is there a way to only have master card? And lastly, how does this help the electric car industry?


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