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Nissan Leaf owners claim AZ desert heat saps batteries

Some Nissan Leaf car owners are tempted to pull the plug after a dramatic drop in their driving range. They believe Arizona’s scorching heat is baking the batteries of their electric cars.

Just one year ago, drivers in the desert could count on a full charge to get them around town. But now they say the car they love is losing power, and they are losing patience.

“I absolutely love this car,” said Leaf owner, Scott Yarosh.

“This car is just built rock solid,” adds fellow Leaf owner, Mason Convey.

These owners have high praise for the quiet and comfy Nissan Leaf. The all-electric ride not only saves the environment, it also saves money.

“We’re paying 2 cents a mile to drive this car,” Convey estimates.

“Not stopping at a gas station is amazing,” said Yarosh.

The Nissan Leaf made its debut just last year. There are 13,000 of them on the road.

Of the 400 cars in Arizona, the excitement of Yarosh and Convey about their new Leafs is starting to wilt. They said they are extremely frustrated and disappointed.


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