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Middle East: Gazan taxi driver introduces first Palestinian electric car

Tired of ongoing fuel crisis, Munzar Kasas, a taxi driver from Gaza decides to develop his own electric car – proudly bearing Made in Palestine sticker
Israel’s first electric cars from Better Place are now making their way to a highway near you, and in the Gaza Strip, Palestinians have not been wasting their time. Munzar Kasas, A taxi driver from the Gaza Strip has tired of the ongoing fuel crisis in the strip and has decided that instead of complaining, it was time to act.

He started building an electric battery operated car made of wood and iron. Kasas developed the vehicle on his own without any government financial support and know how. As a proud Palestinian patriot he chose not to use parts from other cars and made sure to emphasize that the car was Palestinian made. As attested by a sticker placed proudly on the car.
Calcalist Exclusive
Better Place electric cars put in garage / Tomer Hadar, Calcalist
Calcalist learns electronic control system in some of vehicles displayed alert signal after cars were disconnected from charging system. Better Place: It’s not a malfunction, just incorrect signal
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The car which was named Munzar for its creator; may not be the height of luxury and it is not likely to win any awards for its innovative design, but it gets the job done. It is white and compact with room for a driver and two passengers who may have to squeeze in a little in the back seat (maximum 150 kilograms).

Instead of a roof, there is a piece of cloth that protects the passengers from the elements. The wheel is similar to the bars on a bicycle and controls the speed an there is no need to pedal.


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