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Lithium Battery Cost Keeps On Coming Down

It’s a no rocket science that when new technologies become mainstream, their price come down. With this in mind, it’s no surprise to see yet again another study that shows the price of lithium battery dropping 70% by 2025.

naysayers usually bring about a liturgy of common and often time tired old myths. “What happens when you need to replace the battery pack? Isn’t it expensive?” Yes, if you do it now. No, if you do it in a few years. Then it follows another route: “Yes, but they don’t last a long time.” Really, 200,000 miles aren’t long enough for you for a brand new technology that constantly improves? And eventually, one of the last resort is the recycling issue. Lithium batteries are almost completely recyclable today and we can expect them to become even more tomorrow. Tough crowd, indeed!

Another Lithium Study Shows Dropping Prices. According to a McKinsey & Co study, another nail has been shut on the coffin of naysayers abusing the same debunked myths. The cost of lithium-ion battery packs used in electrified cars, EVs, hybrids, HEVs and plug-in hybrids, PHEVs could come down by more than 70% by 2025. The reason stated is non-other than predictable as rising oil prices and new rounds of fuel economy standards that are pushing automakers to build more and more of electric vehicles.



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