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Is Toyota developing an electric sports car to rival the Tesla Roadster?

An appearance of the Toyota 2000GT SEV at the Goodwood Festival of Speed has sparked rumors of Toyota “going after Tesla” with an electric sports car.

A rumor is circulating that Toyota is developing an electric sports car that could rival the Tesla Roadster. While that’s a curious claim considering that Toyota owns a chunk of Tesla Motors, the company did develop the Crazy Project Car (an electric Toyota 2000GT SEV), and signed an agreement with BMW to work on several chunks of technology, that may include an electric sports car. Coincidentally, at around the time Toyota and BMW signed the agreement, the Toyota 2000GT SEV made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, in the UK.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a large motorsports event in England that’s, well, focused on fast vehicles. This year several electric vehicles made a showing such as Lord Drayson’s electric race car, and the Toyota 2000GT SEV. That car was first unveiled last winter in Tokyo, and is a very neatly restored 2000GT with an electric drive train and oodles of advanced technology under the skin. The 2000GT SEV was a one-off prototype built in collaboration with a long list of companies. Instead of an inline-six gasoline engine, it is powered by a 37 kilowatt-hour battery pack supplying a 120kW (161bhp) electric motor to drive the rear wheels. High tech instruments and control systems are just beneath the skin of this old school 1960’s sports car.


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