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Is an electric car for you?

Electric vehicles are scarce on LA streets. A significant factor limiting their usage is their limited range between charges. However, if you make short daily hops or are blessed with a charging facility at their workplace, one might suit your needs. On July 5, Popular Mechanics Magazine came out with a list of nine electric vehicles you can actually buy in 2012.

Popular Mechanics (PM) notes that a new crop of electric vehicles is joining the big names on the market such as the Nissan Leaf. In addition to those little chargers listed below, others are in the works, including the two-seaters MINI E, Smart ForTwo and Audi E-tron as well as the following four- and five-seaters: Scion iQ EV; Volkswagen E-Up and E-Golf; and a Cadillac ELR version of the Volt.

Coda Sedan (Range: 88 miles; Price: $37,250): The Coda is built by a small California company, which uses a Chinese-made version of a Japanese Mitsubishi Lancer as a platform. The vehicle is powered by a unique lithium-phosphate battery instead of the more common lithium-ion. The EPA rates the Coda as a subcompact; however, the four-door sedan can squeeze in five people. PM notes that individuals who have had an opportunity to get behind the wheel of one have been impressed. The subcompact volt-mobile gets brisk acceleration from its 134-hp electric motor.


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