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How Do Public Charging Stations Fit Into Better Place Service?

Electric-car drivers in the U.S. are now asking, What is a fair price value for use of public Level 2 charging stations?

In the U.S. and Europe, multiple networks of charging-spot providers have proliferated. Some are or were free, others offer a variety of payment terms, authentication systems, and cards or fobs. Payments in advance, by PayPal, mobile phone, and other methods are all being tried.

In Israel, the Better Place electric-car service sees a different role for public Level 2 charging stations, given that it has set up its own networked system of home-charging and battery switch stations.

As a Better Place customer, my main source of recharging by far is a Level 2 charger installed at my home by Better Place. The bill for the electricity I use goes straight to Better Place: they own and maintain my home charger, which fills a totally depleted battery in my Renault Fluence ZE in about 7 hours.

As well as the Battery Switch Stations they’re known for, Better Place is installing public Level 2 charging facilities all over Israel–located in public parking lots, malls, entertainment venues, and hotels. The spot design has even been recognised with an Industrial Designers Society of America award.


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